3 thoughts on “Arrêté et référentiels relatifs aux formations SPP

  1. Hi Cassey, I was doing one of your videos and i couldnt help but notice that you looked short. I was wonder how tall you were than… so, How tall are you?! I was just curious thats all.

  2. Hi there, as a rule I rarely post comments on personal sites but this time I’m afraid I absolutely must do it. These days I wanted to install the newer version of the Safari Internet browser and your web blog doesn’t display properly anymore. Now the sidebar hides part of the text and I am unable read it. I used to have a very similar problem with my site and I was able to fix it by changing the PHP code. Can you fix it? Thanks in advance! Sorry for my crappy English, it’s obviously not my native language as you understand. I’m from Italy

  3. Good cranial capacity but otherwise you look too folksy and human. U need to look intellectually superior to us, not like just any neighbor on the block. I recommend 1) to dye the gray out of the sideburns; (2) to wear something that covers the neck, to cover the wrinkles – don’t turn ur neck so the wrinkles don’t show. Or crop out the neck as in your former pic. And perhaps (3) to wear a suit. And perhaps pixelate it a bit – yes, *lower* the resolution so the details such as fine wrinkles or minor skin discoloration do not show.

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